The Vision of the Kansas City Regional Fusion Center (KCRFC) is to protect the privacy rights of all citizens while working in partnership with the public, private sector, local, state and federal agencies to collect, evaluate, analyze, and disseminate information and provide actionable intelligence in a timely, effective, and appropriately secure manner.


The Mission of the KCTEW is to reduce the threat to all citizens and critical infrastructure through a heightened level of inter-agency communications, analysis, and information sharing designed to anticipate and to counter terrorism and related criminal acts.

Heraldry of the KC Regional TEW Seal

The US flag, the states of Missouri and Kansas and the star over the Kansas City metro area reflect the UNITY of our nation, our great states and the people of the region in the common pursuit of the defense of our homeland against terrorism, both foreign and domestic.

The eagle, the symbol of our nation, ever present soaring over our skies, reflects the strength and VIGILANCE with which we collectively pursue our mission, and our commitment to long-term awareness and preparedness.

The eagle eye and the Inter-Agency Analysis Center title are indicative of the value and emphasis that the TEW participants place on KNOWLEDGE in support of our mission and goals.

The words Knowledge, Unity and Vigilance are emblazoned across the seal to emphasize the critical nature and significance of these virtues in achieving our mission, and as a reminder of our commitment to them.

The dominant colors of the seal are those of our nation -- red, white and blue. The gold border and gold words in the center of the seal symbolize the formal dignity of our nation.

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